Pursuitica is a Talent Development Firm focused in areas of Leadership Development, Performance Consulting and Coaching using innovative Technology enabled “blended learning” solutions.


Pursuitica Learning Solutions is founded by Amit Nagpal, a veteran of the BPM (Business Process Management) Industry.

Amit brings in rich and diverse experience of 30 years in the areas of Sales Management, Sales Training, Operations Management and Talent Development.

Vision: To be the most respected firm focused on impactful learning journeys through world class assessments, reinforcement, tech. enabled blended solutions that enhance business performance.

Mission: To evangelize learning and help people lead fulfilling lives.


>> Founder Amit Nagpal

Based out of Pune-India, Amit Nagpal is passionate about developing and enriching resources. He has been leading the Training Function of Infosys BPO as Head Training-BPO for the last five years and most recently, enhancing the talent capability agenda as Head- Capability Planning... Learn more.

"Amit has a deep understanding of talent and engagement coupled with extensive experience and expertise as a learning professional and coach. He has worked with numerous global companies across sales, business process management, operations and talent development. He’s earned the ATD Master Trainer designation and is active in the global talent development community, especially through his involvement with ATD. Amit’s approach to learning and talent development is fresh, innovative and professional." - Johnathan Halls (Founder and Principal – Johnathan Halls LLC and Adjunct Professor at George Washington University)

"We work with Pursuitica to source speaking engagements for our global webinars. Amit’s USP lies in delivering end-to-end service excellence. He remains mindful of timelines and brings value into the quality of our internal processes as well. These attributes have led us to establish a long, win-win partnership with Pursuitica." - Chhavi Tiwari (L & D, Talent Management, Business HR, Tata Communications)

"Recently has a very good enriching experience having Amit to talk on – Importance of reskilling in the disruptive VUCA world. In his engaging session, he held the audience in rapt attention as he shared anecdotes and data points. It was axiomatic that the world is changing too fast to afford us an opportunity to continue living with our present knowledge and abilities. So, Amit’s advice was that no matter your age, you need to reskill and renew yourself to survive and enjoy these dynamic times- very true and apt!!! His session was superb and highly appreciated by the audience." - Nitin Vijaivergia (Partner, GST and Customs, PwC India)

"Amit is a truly passionate professional- Continuously looking out for acquiring new knowledge and testing it out before it actually would appear to be ‘so simple and why I did not think of it before!' What additionally brings in credibility to what he does is that he has been thru’ a complete life cycle of operations, business development, trainer and above all an avid knowledge acquirer. The zeal and energy he brings into what he wants to do and achieve is something we all need to learn from him. Every time I see his profile or meet him, there seems to be a + factor: a new certification, experience or an offering…keep at it Amit and keep it up. All the best!" - Raghavendra K (Senior Vice President and Global Head- Human Resources Development, Infosys BPO/BPM)

"I was lucky enough to meet and work with Amit during our CTI training sessions from May’17 until Jan’18 in Singapore. Amit is a generous and participative person, open minded, playful and always ready to interact adding richness and positivism to the group.Happy to see Amit evolving with his passion around Training and Development especially, on his focus on Technology aided Learning Reinforcement and related solutions.Wishing Amit all the best!" - Esmeralda GARCIA ESTEVEZ CPCC (Executive Coach CTI + ORSC + NLP Practitioner Certified Spanish / French / English)

"I have known Amit for over a decade now. A thorough gentleman, a man of his word, professional in his approach with a creative bent of mind. I have experienced Amit to be full of life, passionate about whatever he does, the ideas guy, the customer service man, the trainer par excellence, ever ready to take risks and explore opportunities that you would have never thought about. Having founded his new venture, he continues to display hunger for learning and innovation. I would strongly recommend Amit as a partner to your business to get maximum value out of your investments. I believe Amit is going to make a remarkable difference to the world of education and learning and I wish him the very best ahead." - Clifford Mohan Pai - GPHR, ACC (Associate Vice President, HR Business Leader & Head Employee Relations, Infosys BPO/BPM)

"I would like to thank Amit for coaching me in the last few months. I brazenly reached out to him asking for coaching, hoping I’d get mentored too. He was generous enough to oblige on both accounts. I must admit that the intent to genuinely help is what I felt during all our contracts. I feel my learning journey sped by a few years. What I am also grateful for is Amit’s time in helping me become more aware of my own strengths. Thankyou!" - Gurpreet Kalra (Faculty- Corporate Leadership Development Program Team, TCS- Tata Consultancy Services)

Amit established a new business and underwriting processing function for me in Pune, up and running within 3 months and delivering full function expected results within a year. I could not have asked for a more professional and competent person to do this. As an out sourcer he has to balance the demands of his employers with my demands as a customer and that is not easy to do. I believe we had an open, professional and friendly relationship that worked really well and delivered the results that I was expecting. Amit is easy to like and respect and I would recommend him to anyone." - Stuart Hastings (Former Director, Strategic Projects-Friend's Provident)

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